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VNP solutions

We provide a comprehensive OTA Revenue Recovery Booking Analysis using our own proprietary process that reconciles lost revenues from OTA bookings. These revenues are lost in many ways from billing errors , to the guests canceling bookings on non-refundable reservations as well as no shows and early departures that do not get manually charged.


Telepit Electronics

Repair of on-board computers, relays, control units of various sizes and other Owned repair bases and the presence of highly qualified service specialists allow our company to perform comprehensive repairs.


Irix lens

The Irix design pays particular attention to detail to create lenses that combine classical design with maximum functionality. We have used the latest technology to ensure exceptional precision whilst maintaining the intuitive manual advantages that analogue photography can bring.


Camera lens futures

Think of Irix as one and many. Think of Irix as a whole. Elegant and classic on the outside, visionary and modern in the inside. Precise fitting and complementary elements. The same look and feel. Each Irix product seamlessly fits another, for smooth and swift photography.


Godox Show

Godox Show is a new event addressed to people interested in filming, lighting and photography. Meet people who have the same passion as you and find inspiration for your upcoming projects!


Schedule animation

At Godox Show, we focus on professionalism, which is why our speakers are professionals in their industries! Meet those who will share their experience, knowledge and inspire you to take action!


Imex Logistics

An independent transport, forwarding and logistics company from Poland. We specialize in comprehensive groupage and full truckload transport services between Poland and Scandinavia. We also transport cargo to other countries in Europe.


AV agency

AV Events Agency is so much more than just event planners! We are a female owned company that organizes each party with love and full dedication.



Braincode helps founders and enterprises build products that help them scale their businesses globally and give them a competitive edge in the digital market.



Internet provider FiberLink offers a profitable connection for accessing the Internet at a speed of up to 1000 Mbit/s. Stable and high-quality Internet.



Web developer, layout teacher. On youtube channel he share all knowledge in html website layout, reveal earning opportunities, and share real cases from own work.


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